Atlanta Hawks: Profile, Achievements, Best players and matches

Check out the Atlanta Hawks’ journey from their early years to iconic NBA Finals appearances. Learn about their legendary players and passionate fanbase.

Founded in Atlanta, the Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team in the United States. The Hawks are a member of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference and play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). State Farm Arena is the venue for the team’s home games.

The team’s history begins with the 1946 founding of the Buffalo Bisons, a Ben Kerner and Leo Ferris-owned National Basketball League (NBL) team based in Buffalo, New York. The team relocated to Moline, Illinois, after spending 38 days in Buffalo, and adopted the new name Tri-Cities Blackhawks. As part of the NBL and Basketball Association of America (BAA) merger in 1949, they became a member of the NBA and, for a little period of time, Red Auerbach served as their coach. When Kerner relocated the team to Milwaukee in 1951, they adopted the Milwaukee Hawks as their new name. In 1955, Kerner and the club relocated to St. Louis once more. It was there that they won their first and only NBA Championship in 1958 and earned the right to compete in the NBA Finals in 1957, 1960, and 1961. In each of their four NBA Finals outings, the Hawks faced the Boston Celtics. May 3, 1968, saw the St. Louis Hawks relocate to Atlanta after Kerner sold the team to Thomas Cousins and Carl Sanders, the former governor of Georgia.

With 64 seasons played, the Hawks presently have the second-longest NBA title drought (behind the Sacramento Kings). All four NBA Finals trips and the team’s single NBA championship were made when the team was headquartered in St. Louis. Before making their breakthrough in 2015, they failed to make it past the second round of the playoffs in every format for 48 years. The Hawks, on the other hand, are one of just four NBA teams in the twenty-first century to have qualified for the postseason in ten straight seasons. This accomplishment was made between 2008 and 2017.

Team Overview

– Founded: 1946

– Location: Atlanta, Georgia

– Team colours- Torch Red, Legacy Yellow, Infinity Black, Granite Gray

– Head coach: Quin Snyder

– Owner: Tony Ressler


The Atlanta Hawks have left an indelible mark on the NBA with notable achievements:

  • NBA Championships: While the Hawks haven’t claimed an NBA championship since their move to Atlanta, their journey is filled with perseverance.
  • Playoff Appearances: The Hawks have consistently demonstrated their competitive spirit by making numerous playoff appearances.

Best Players

The Hawks have been home to some of the most talented players in NBA history:

  • Dominique Wilkins: Known as the “Human Highlight Film,” Wilkins was a scoring machine and a nine-time NBA All-Star during his time with the Hawks.
  • Bob Pettit: Pettit, a two-time MVP, was an early Hawks legend and one of the NBA’s first superstars.

Iconic Matches

The Atlanta Hawks have been a part of thrilling contests, but two matchups stand out:

  • 1988 Playoffs: The Hawks’ epic seven-game series against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals remains one of the greatest playoff showdowns.
  • 2015 Eastern Conference Finals: The Hawks’ dominant run to the conference finals showcased their strength and united their passionate fanbase.

Devoted Fanbase

The “Hawks Nation” is a dedicated and passionate community that fills the State Farm Arena with energy. Their loyalty and unwavering support create an electric atmosphere, making it a tough place for opponents to play.

Enduring Legacy

The Atlanta Hawks’ legacy extends beyond championships. Their commitment to the game, the city of Atlanta, and the development of young talent exemplifies their lasting impact on the NBA.

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