NBA Draft 2024: Analysis of First-Round Pick-By-Pick

In this article, we mention that the NBA Draft 2024 first round pick by pick, Read the full article to get full information

The 2024 NBA draft kicked off at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday night, marking a historic two-day event. Unlike previous drafts limited to one day, this year’s edition spans two days to accommodate all selections.

Wednesday’s proceedings featured the announcement of the first 30 players selected, with Thursday set to reveal the remaining 28 second-round picks.

In a unique turn of events, the 2024 NBA draft welcomes 58 prospects into the league, including those who step in for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns’ forfeited second-round selections due to tampering violations.

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This year’s draft lottery saw the Atlanta Hawks secure the coveted No. 1 pick, followed closely by the Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets in the top three spots.

Among the other lottery picks, the top 14 selections are the San Antonio Spurs with two picks, the Detroit Pistons, the Charlotte Hornets, the Portland Trail Blazers with two picks, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Utah Jazz, the Chicago Bulls, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Sacramento Kings.

Full List of NBA Draft

Pick Team Player
1 Atlanta Hawks Zaccharie Risacher
2 Washington Wizards Alex Sarr
3 Houston Rockets Reed Sheppard
4 San Antonio Spurs Stephon Castle
5 Detroit Pistons Ron Holland
6 Charlotte Hornets Tidjane Salaun
7 Portland Trail Blazers Donocan Clingan
8 Minnesota Timberwolves Rob Dillingham
9 Memphis Grizzlies Zach Edey
10 Utah Jazz Cody Williams
11 Chicago Bulls Matas Buzelis
12 OKC Thunder Nikola Topic
13 Sacramento Kings Devin Carter
14 Washington Wizards Bub Carrington
15 Miami Heat Kel’el Ware
16 Philadelphia 76ers Jared McCain
17 LA Lakers Dalton Knecht
18 Orlando Magic Tristan da Silva
19 Toronto Raptors Ja’Kobe Walter
20 Cleveland Cavaliers Jaylon Tyson
21 New Orleans Pelicans Yves Missi
22 Denver Nuggets DaRon Holmes II
23 Milwaukee Bucks AJ Johnson
24 Washington Wizards Keyshawn George
25 New York Knicks Pacome Dadiet
26 OKC Thunder Dillon Jones
27 Minnesota Timberwolves Terrence Shannon
28 Phoenix Suns Ryan Dunn
29 Utah Jazz Isaiah Collier
30 Boston Celtics Baylore Scheierman
31 Toronto Raptors Jonathan Mogbo
32 Utah Jazz Kyle Filipowski
33 Milwaukee Bucks Tyler Smith
34 New York Knicks Tyler Kolek
35 Indiana Pacers Johnny Furphy
36 San Antonio Spurs Juan Nunez
37 Detroit Pistons Bobi Klintman
38 OKC Thunder Ajay Mitchell
39 Memphis Grizzlies Jaylen Wells
40 Phoenix Suns Oso Ighodaro
41 Philadelphia 76ers Adem Bona
42 Charlotte Hornets KJ Simpson
43 Atlanta Hawks Nikola Djurisic
44 Miami Heat Pelle Larsson
45 Toronto Raptors Jamal Shead
46 LA Clippers Cam Christie
47 New Orleans Pelicans Antonio Reeves
48 San Antonio Spurs Harrison Ingram
49 Indiana Pacers Tristen Newton
50 Indiana Pacers Enrique Freeman
51 Dallas Mavericks Melvin Ajinca
52 Golden State Warriors Quinten Post
53 Memphis Grizzlies Cam Spencer
54 Boston Celtics Anton Watson
55 LA Lakers Bronny James
56 New York Knicks Kevin McCullar Jr.
57 Toronto Raptors Ulrich Chomche
58 New York Knicks Ariel Hukporti


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