Alex Sarr Becomes First NBA Star to Don $400M Worth Attire At the Draft

In this article, we mention that Alex Sarr becomes the first NBA Star to don $400 million worth of attire at the draft

French basketball player Alex Sarr came on the red carpet for the 2024 NBA Draft in style making history before he even got picked by a team. Alex Sarr wears a custom-made cream-coloured outfit designed by none other than Donatella Versace, the head of the luxury fashion brand Versace.

This marked a first for both Sarr and Versace. The high-end designer, known for dressing celebrities like singers and actors, has not dipped its toes into the world of professional basketball before. Sarr’s choice put Versace on the NBA map and Sarr himself became the first draft pick ever to wear a Versace creation.

The outfit’s value was not directly mentioned, but with Versace being a brand worth a cool $400 million, it’s safe to say Sarr wasn’t exactly rocking a casual look. Social media went crazy with pictures of the towering prospect looking confident and stylish on his big night.

Sarr’s choice reflects a growing trend in the NBA. Basketball players are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and the draft is a prime opportunity to showcase their style. Whether it is a classic suit and gives a unique look draft night becomes a runway for these future stars.

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While Sarr’s future success will be determined on the basketball court his fashion statement on draft night is a sign of some exciting things to come in the NBA both for him and for the merging worlds of basketball and good fashion.

Alex Sarr said to the reporter: 

Donatella designed it, and I think it looks pretty good. I wanted some shiny buttons, something simple but just kind of staying out at the same time.

Alex Sarr did not work out with Atlanta

He added 

I never said that I did not want to be there, you know, I have a great team of agents around me. Atlanta saw me play this year in Atlanta when I was in Overtime Elite, so I don’t think it is all about one workout.

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