Why Basketball Has 5 Players: Positions and Responsibilities Explained

Dive into the exciting world of basketball and discover why teams are limited to 5 players. Uncover the unique roles and responsibilities of each position, from the lightning-fast Point Guard to the towering Center.

So apparently basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world especially in America and it is quickly spreading throughout the world. Have you ever wondered why that big basketball court is only played with 5 players aside? In basketball, every player is given a duty to do and their positions are named after the task which they are expected to do.

The first player or position is called the point guard and this player is responsible for guarding their score so that the opponents cannot make successful scores. The point guard is also known as THE ONE, he is probably the shortest player with good ball-handling skills and a good passer. This player has a good drive and they usually lead the team in the number of assists during the game whilst creating short shots for themselves and their teammates. The point guard is as quick as lightning and can make shots outside the point line but the majority of his shots are inside the 3-point line. They study the game and realise the weaknesses of their opponents so that they can implement new tactics in attacking. Their main part is being an anchor, or in football they call him a playmaker.

The second position is called the shooting guard. The shooting guard is also known as the off guard and they play the position or they have the same duties as the small forward who plays on the wing. These shooting guards are the ones who do most of the 3 pointer shots or the mid-range shots. These shooting guards should be good at making good positions and aiming for the score point. There are two types of shooting guards which are the offensive threat and the defensive threat. If the shooting guard concentrates much on perimeter jump shots or those 3 pointer shots he is now known as a catch-and-shoot type player like the famous JJ REDICK. Another good example of a shooting guard positioner is the famous Michael Jordan. However, he also took his share of mid-range jump shots and 3-pointers.

The third position is the small forward and these are considered as the most versatile positions because it resembles the position of a shooting guard as well as the position of a power forward. In this position, you do everything, from scoring, defending, rebounding, wise ball handling as well as passing the ball. Small forwards have tactics such as quickness and strength inside. He should have the ability to move to the line and drawback faster to defend while performing slam dunks as well.

The fourth position in basketball is called the power forward and he is also known as the four and plays almost the similar position as the Centre. This is the most crucial position and the power forward is accountable for all the scores made by the team. He can score from inside the rim, 3 pointers and also mid-range shots. Power forwards have good strength and they force the opponent players to make bad shots and block their shots. When defending they are the ones who are asked to defend big players so that they can distract them from scoring. The power version is a stronger and bigger version of a small forward but no taller than the Centre. Even though the power forward cannot shoot, he being a screener can also set up a mismatch for his teammates to try to shoot on the other team’s big man if they switch.

The last but not least position is called the Centre. He is also known as the pivot, big man or the corner post and mostly plays on the baseline or close to the basket. They are usually the tallest man in the team and they are usually responsible for pulling out rebounds, contesting shots and setting screens on players. Most big-man goals are to try and score those rebounds and try to stop the other team from scoring inside the paint. The presence of a Centre who can score from the low posts helps to create balance within an offence. Especially if the Centre can make moves like the pivots, and the drop steps it can open up the scoring opportunities for their teammates. The centre should be fast in terms of speed. He should be an athlete because in this game everyone is looking forward to him. These are all the five positions in basketball please stay alert for more information related to this.

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