NBA: Five players who have criminal arrests against their names

Check out the legal issues involving NBA players, from Kobe Bryant’s arrest to Gilbert Arenas’ career-ending incident in this article.

Numerous NBA players have experienced legal issues. The majority of them just enjoy partying, and drinking or using recreational drugs can get them into problems. But a number of gamers, including celebrities and high-profile athletes, were arrested for severe crimes. 

Five NBA players who were detained for illegal activities will be examined in this article. Both current and retired players are on the list.

  • Kobe Bryant has a sexual assault arrest

One of the greatest players in league history was Kobe Bryant. During his amazing career, he won five NBA titles and became one of the greatest shooting guards of all time. 

However, the superstar was detained on suspicion of sexual assault barely a year after winning three consecutive titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. Because the lady claimed that Bryant had raped her in a hotel room, this arrest remains one of the most well-known in NBA history. The NBA star refuted the allegations of rape while acknowledging to infidelity on his wife. The accuser’s discrepancies led to the case’s eventual dismissal. A civil lawsuit between Bryant and the woman was settled out of court, but the specifics are still unknown. 

  • Draymond Green’s assault outside the court

One of the top defensive players in the NBA is Draymond Green. He can, however, occasionally be quite lethal offensively as well. Green has gained the reputation of being a dirty player because of the numerous times he has kicked opponents in the groyne.

The defensive specialist for the Golden State Warriors, though, is not limited to attacking the court. Draymond Green was taken into custody in Michigan in 2016 on suspicion of assault. Green was given a $200 bond and released. Ultimately, the Warriors forward consented to a plea deal that called for a $560 fine and a year-long ban from communication with the victim. It begs the question of whether the event and the painful loss against the Cleveland Cavaliers are connected, considering it occurred less than a month apart.

  • The numerous arrests of Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd had an amazing NBA career. Because of his extraordinary playmaking abilities, he was among the NBA’s most exciting players. Regretfully, the guard also ran into a lot of legal issues.

Kidd was arrested for assault in 1995 for the first time, and again in 2012, right after he signed a contract with the New York Knicks. Still, the case was taken by the point guard’s arrest in 2001. Upon punching his wife Joumana, he was taken into custody on accusations of domestic abuse, resulting in a gash on her mouth. Kidd admitted to abusing his spouse, paid a $200 fine, and agreed to participate in anger management classes. After the event, the Phoenix Suns made the decision to cut ties with the point guard, and a few months later, they traded him to the New Jersey Nets.

  • The assault allegations against Richard Jefferson

During his prime, Richard Jefferson was among the NBA’s most entertaining players. His tenure with the New Jersey Nets was characterised by numerous spectacular plays and impressive dunks.

With the Nets, Jefferson finished his career with a career-high 22.6 points per game. He did, however, also encounter legal issues. May 2008 saw the Nets forward sent into custody on assault-related allegations. For the event that occurred in late January 2008, he was placed under arrest. When the NBA player and his crew were visiting Minneapolis, they allegedly choked a man in the downtown area. This isn’t often what people think of when they hear about NBA players choking. Richardson, however, was accused of fifth-degree assault after doing that.

  • Gilbert Arenas’ NBA career is being destroyed

Among the best NBA players of the 2000s was Gilbert Arenas. Arenas was the one who was devastating rival teams with clutch baskets and 3-pointers from the logo long before Steph Curry entered the game. But upon his incarceration in 2010, his career completely collapsed. Because of a gambling debt, Agent Zero pulled a gun on Jarvis Crittenton, a teammate. His actions were not only inappropriate, but the pistol he was carrying was illegal. After serving a two-year suspension, Arenas was eliminated from the league for the remainder of the 2009–10 campaign.

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