Top 5 Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Mouthguard While Playing

Figure out the top five reasons why basketball players always wear mouth guards while playing highly competitive matches on the basketball court. 

While basketball as a sport reigns supreme in terms of popularity and star power throughout the world, the struggles of players with their injuries during cutthroat matches continue to dominate the lesser-explored side of the game. Numerous factors, including high-impact movements on the basketball court, thundering collisions with other players during the ongoing match and continuous stress on knees, shoulders and joints can lead to major injuries among the players. Additionally, the risk of injuries can also impact a player’s focus on the game, leading to unfortunate defeats. Therefore, in the game of basketball where collisions and concussions with other players can result in serious injuries, wearing a mouthguard is highly recommended for the players on the basketball court to minimize the risk of injuries for the players and ensure perpetual concentration on the game. Over the years, numerous basketball stalwarts, including LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Rajon Rondo have been spotted wearing a mouthguard while playing thrilling basketball matches. 

In this article, we will take a look at the five major reasons why wearing a mouthguard is considered essential for players on the basketball court. 

  • Mouthguards Prevent Major Jaws and Teeth Injuries

The game of basketball involves a lot of physical alterations between the players on the basketball court, often resulting in major collisions and concussions, leading to serious dental injuries. The high-impact blows can sometimes result in players permanently losing their teeth or major jaw injuries. Wearing a mouthguard not only acts as a shield for the teeth of the players but also safeguards their gums and jaws. The additional layer of protection can majorly minimize the risk of serious dental emergencies on the basketball court due to sport-related accidents.

  • Mouthguards Safeguards Soft Tissues 

While obvious dental injuries including tooth loss and jaw damage often grab a lot of attention, the soft tissues that are even more sensitive are often overlooked in the game of basketball. In addition to safeguarding the soft tissues that are majorly responsible for ensuring a smooth blood supply, the mouth-guards also play a major role in minimizing the risk of internal injuries that often occur due to high friction between teeth and other softer tissues including gums, tongue, buccal mucosa etc.

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  • Mouthguards are more Safer and Affordable than Dental Procedures 

The action-packed and thrilling basketball games have witnessed a series of major injuries that have led to numerous basketball players undergoing medical treatment and surgery over the years. A prominent NBA player, Stephen Curry, faced a major blow from a defender while playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder, leading to a tooth loss on the court. Curry was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to undergo surgery, compelling him to stay off the basketball court for a brief period, which proved to be a challenging call for his NBA team, the Golden State Warriors. Apart from Stephen Curry, many other basketball players, including Michael Strickland also had to undergo serious dental surgery, which proved to be a major setback in his basketball career. Wearing Mouthguards prevents such major injuries on the court.

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  • Chewing on the Mouthguard Helps the Players in Keeping Calm 

While the Mouthguards are often hailed as the ultimate protective shield for basketball players, they are also recognized widely for a sense of calmness in the players amidst stimulating matches. Stephen Curry is often witnessed chewing on his mouthguard. In an exclusive interview, he revealed the reason behind chewing the mouthguard and mentioned that the practice helps him to keep calm during high-intensity matches, especially when he is at the free-throw line. 

  • Mouthguards are Low-Maintenance Products 

While a mouthguard can act as a protective shield for basketball players and minimize the risk of various serious injuries on the court, its hassle-free maintenance makes it a prominent pick among basketball players. Although basketball players competing in prominent tournaments, including the National Basketball Association (NBA) and other international-level basketball leagues often use brand new Mouthguards, the protective gear is usually reusable. Rubbing a small amount of toothpaste with a toothbrush and rinsing it off with lukewarm water is all it takes to maintain a basketball mouthguard. 

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