Here is a look at the top 10 Basketball Anime shows

Check out the world of anime and basketball with these top 10 series. From Slam Dunk to Kappei, enjoy the dribbles and drama.

With scenes that mimic the excitement and motion of a genuine basketball game, basketball anime is remarkably accurate to the real thing. Even better, a few go into the successes and setbacks that come with being a basketball player on a professional and recreational level.

You may feel a little overloaded with options if you’re looking for a tough, enjoyable basketball anime series to watch after a busy day. Some might be overly serious, some might not have enough drama, and so on. Here are the Top 10 Basketball Anime that will blow your mind:

  • Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk, a popular 90s favourite, tells the lighthearted and humorous story of junior high rebel Sakuragi Hanamichi. He gets into fights and gets turned down by girls all the time. But when he starts high school and meets a girl who is unlike any other, everything changes.

He’s willing to go above and beyond to win her over, even if it means joining the school basketball team, whose goal is to become the best in the country. The brother of Haruko is also the squad captain.

What then is the issue? Sakuragi, meanwhile, has never played basketball. He has never even engaged in the sport! Worse, there’s a rookie grabbing all the attention with an unmatched skill at playing ball.

The NBA served as a major inspiration for the 101 episodes that the series aired between 1993 and 1996. Throughout the show, there are numerous allusions and tributes to the NBA. The main characters’ animations are even partially modelled by well-known basketball stars from the 1990s! Strong themes of camaraderie and the ambition to be the best at anything may be found throughout the humorous and enjoyable plot.

  • Kuroko’s Basketball

One of the most well-known anime basketball shows is Kuroko’s Basketball, which centres on a group of gifted basketball players from Teiko Middle School. They were dubbed the “Generation of Miracles” because during their school year they were regarded as basketball prodigies.

The five of them parted ways after junior high school and attended other high schools where they played basketball with other teams. Unbeknownst to the public, Tetsuya Kuroko was the sixth member of the Generation of Miracles.

This guy, who is currently a freshman at Seirin High, teams up with a strong but disliked basketball squad. The goal of Kuroko and another emerging basketball player, Taiga Kagami, is to beat all of Kuroko’s previous teammates in order to elevate Seirin High to the top of the league.

From 2012 to 2015, Kuroko’s Basketball was played for three seasons. It has a fun array of characters with amazing animation, and each character has their own challenges to face. You won’t have to worry about any intricate plots because the series is simple to watch and has an engaging, easy-to-follow plotline.

  • Dear Boys

Hoop Days, another name for Dear Boys, is a brief yet charming anime that centres on Aikawa Kazuhiko, a high school student and the captain of a renowned basketball team. But things aren’t quite as he expected when he transfers to a new high school.

He takes it upon himself to start from scratch a new basketball team, and he sets out to win national championships with it. It will be a difficult journey requiring a great deal of labour, but one he is committed to completing.

Since Dear Boys only aired for 26 episodes in 2003, you should have no problem finishing it. Compared to some of the other anime on this list, the plot is more dramatic and succinct. In actuality, the show doesn’t include much humour.

It presents basketball’s victories and setbacks in a realistic and approachable manner. It is a must-see for every ardent basketball enthusiast.

  • Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora is a more recent basketball-themed anime. Kurumatani Sora, a diminutive but gifted basketball player, is the centre of attention.

Because of his small size, he was unable to participate in organised basketball during middle school. His mother, though, urged him to take advantage of his diminutive stature.

Sora decides to join the basketball team and compete in tournaments at Kuzuryuu High School (Kzou Kou) after considering that advice. Sadly, Sora discovers that Momoharu and Chiaki Hanazono, two disobedient brothers, along with their gang, are in charge of the basketball squad.

Sora is determined to rekindle their enthusiasm for basketball despite the fact that their spark has gone out. He challenges the lads to a duel, which he wins easily thanks to his rapid reflexes and dexterity. Because of Sora’s enthusiasm and ability, the lads fall in love with basketball again.

Unfortunately, the team’s background means that in order to win, they must work harder than their opponents and suffer harsh consequences for any mistakes they make.

There are now 25 episodes of Ahiru No Sora, all of which debuted in 2019. In terms of narrative, it starts out a little slowly and occasionally has pace issues. The anime’s enduring ensemble of characters is what makes it worthwhile.

  • Basquash!

What do you get when you combine basketball with enormous mecha robots? Basquash! This anime series has enormous mecha robots playing ball, which puts a novel spin on the well-known sport.

The setting is a futuristic Earth called “Earth Dash.” There are two distinct human societies: one on Earth’s surface and the other on the highly developed moon. BigFoot Basketball, or BFB, is a very popular sport here in the world.

In this type of basketball, players navigate a large arena on “BigFoot,” a mecha. Dan JD, the main character of the anime, and his friends renamed BFB “Basquash” in order to give it their own unique spin. They set out on a quest to accomplish their objectives and move past their previous setbacks.

Basquash! makes basketball appear even more exciting and action-packed than it is in real life, despite its lighthearted premise. Basquash! is definitely worth a try if you enjoy mecha-boxing, basketball, and science fiction.

  • Buzzer Beater

Another futuristic basketball anime is called Buzzer Beater. It centres on Hideyoshi, a homeless youngster, and is set in New York. He hustles other kids by using his basketball talent.

Unexpectedly, he is selected by a professional squad to play baseball against aliens that are stronger than him. As there aren’t many human basketball players alive, Hideyoshi and his group must reclaim the championship and prove to the extraterrestrials who the real basketball greats are.

Buzzer Beater only had 26 episodes throughout its 2005–2007 run. If you loved the movie Space Jam, you’ll probably like this program too because of its similar plot. Buzzer Beater excels in comedy and action genres despite having somewhat old animation.

  • I’ll/CKBC

Even though I’ll/CKBC only has two episodes, it’s a fantastic anime to watch when you have an hour to spare. Tachibana and Hiiragi, two talented high school basketball players, are the main characters. Former adversaries, Hirragi and Tachibana must now work together as he goes to Tachibana’s school and basketball squad.

The two continue to compete, particularly as Hiiragi’s family starts pressuring him to join a more competitive basketball team. The pair eventually understands that cooperation is necessary if they are to win their big game.

  • Ro-Kyu-Bu

Essentially, Ro-Kyu-Bu is a typical high school anime with a hint of basketball. Ro-Kyu-Bu! is a touch ridiculous and might not hit that basketball action spot you’re expecting when compared to most of the other basketball anime on this list.

It centres on Subaru Hasegawa, a talented basketball player. When his high school team is forced to collapse, he doesn’t give up and instead helps a group of young girls by sharing his basketball knowledge.

If you’re more of a serious basketball player, Ro-Kyu-Bu! might not be for you. All things considered, Ro-Kyu-Bu is a great choice if you like cutesy sports anime!

  • Barangay 143

Bren Park, a young guy at the centre of Barangay 143, is a coming-of-age tale. He was a member of a Korean basketball team until he gave up the game due to a horrific accident that claimed his family. Later on, he finds out that his biological father is someone else, so he sets out to find him. He travels and joins the Barangay 143 Puzakals, a local basketball team.

There are currently two seasons of Barangay143, which span from 2018 to 2021. Although the story is around love and family, there is plenty of basketball action to keep you interested.

  • Dash! Kappei

Dash! Kappei is undoubtedly the greatest basketball animation that has ever aired. The protagonist of this humorous animation is Kappei Sakamoto, a high school student. He is really short, but he plays basketball and does well in every sport.

Additionally, he exhibits a strange fixation on white underwear, which recurs regularly in the series. When Kappei discovers that Coach Natsu, the squad’s female coach, is dressed in this manner, he decides to join the basketball team at his high school.

Soon after, Kappei meets the sporty female Akane Aki, whom he is determined to win over. The Dash is filled with many bizarre but funny scenarios! Kappei, including the rivalry between the talking dog and Kappei.

Dash! An anime that is cheerful and lighthearted that doesn’t take itself too seriously is called Kappei. It’s a hilarious and enjoyable anime about basketball that’s easy to follow, so add it to your watch list right away.

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