Top 6 Heaviest NBA Players of All Time 

In this article, we mention the top 6 heaviest NBA players of all time. Shaquille O’Neal is also on this list  

A stunning combination of size, strength, and agility is essential for basketball. Although talent and agility are unquestionably important, physical presence can be a big benefit. Here’s where the giants of the game come in; these are the players whose mere size tips the scales and commands attention. Today, we examine the NBA past to determine the 6 heaviest players to have ever played.

olive miller

1. Oliver Miller (375 lbs):

Oliver Miller is the undisputed NBA weightlifting king. Miller, who is 6’9″, reached a top playing weight of 375 pounds. Miller was drafted in 1992 by the Milwaukee Bucks, and over his ten-year career, he played for six different clubs. He carved out a role as a physical force in the paint, using his size to overwhelm opponents and create space for teammates, despite not being the most statistically dominant player. 

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

2. Shaquille O’Neal (325 lbs):

There is no need to introduce Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq, the walking personification of an NBA highlight reel, is arguably the most dominant player in NBA history. At 7’1″ and 325 pounds at his heaviest O’Neal was an overwhelming force in the paint. He was a headache for opposition teams to match up against because he combined size, strength, and quickness. Even though Shaq was a heavyweight in the NBA with four titles and numerous other individual awards, his influence on the game was bigger. 

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3. Garth Joseph (315 lbs):

A lesser-known name on this list is Garth Joseph, who stands tall literally, at 7’2″ for his sheer size. Unlike Miller, Joseph’s NBA career was a mere blip lasting just one season (2000–01) split between the Toronto Raptors and Denver Nuggets. Despite his immense size Joseph struggled to translate his physical dominance into on-court production. Averaging a meagre 0.5 points and rebounds per game his NBA journey was short-lived.

4. Robert Traylor (319 lbs):

Robert Traylor, known as “The Tractor” for his strong post moves and unwavering drive, was a formidable player in the paint. Standing 6’8″ and weighing a substantial 319 pounds Traylor spent seven seasons bouncing around the league, making an impact on teams like the Washington Wizards and Milwauke Bucks. Traylor was hardly the most skilled scorer, but there was no denying that his strength and rebounding were advantages. However his inability to maintain top performance became worse by weight problems and repeated injuries.

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Rik Smits

5. Rik Smits (290 lbs):

The Netherlands’ tall 7’4″ centre Rik Smits was a beloved player by the Indiana Pacers throughout his lengthy stay. Smits weighed a maximum of 290 pounds, which was not the largests on our list, but his combination of height and weight made him a dangerous presence in the paint. Known by his nickname “The Dutch Destroyar,” Smits was a dependable rebounder and scorer who teamed up with Reggie Miller to form a formideble combination during the Pacers’ heyday in the 1990s.

6. Shawn Bradley (270 lbs):

At an incredible 7’6″, Shawn Bradley is the tallest player to ever be picked in NBA history (2nd overall in 1993). Bradley was extraordinarily tall, but he never quite lived up to the hype. During his playing days, he was listed at roughly 270 pounds, therefore he lacked the strength and explosiveness needed to completely control the paint. 

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