NBA: Which days in the NBA will have no matches in this season?

The ongoing NBA season will witness no matches on some dates. To know more about these dates check out the below article.

The NBA In-Season Tournament’s group stage concluded on Tuesday, Nov. 28, igniting the 2023–24 NBA season. The quarterfinals will then begin the following Monday, December 4. On Sunday, December 3, all 30 teams are set to have an off day, according to the league’s schedule.

There will be two days off leading up to the tournament’s final phases on Sunday. On December 9, the tournament’s championship game will take place in Las Vegas. Following that, the league will take another day off on December 10 before returning to its usual schedule.

With its first-ever In-Season Tournament, the league is undoubtedly trying something new, which explains these off days. Players engaged should have more time to get used to the new tournament structure on the first off day.

Conversely, the second game should let the victorious team relax after what may be an exhausting tournament run.

Adam Silver

When questioned about the competition, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that it marks the start of a new custom.

Silver said, “It’s the beginning of a new tradition in the league, and I’m particularly excited about it.” He further talked about the marketing around this in-season and said, “I think for this In-Season Tournament, I love the marketing around it, I love the excitement we’re starting to see.”

Days with no games

There are a few more days this season that don’t have any NBA games, aside from the two off days connected to the In-Season Tournament.

Thanksgiving (November 23) and Election Day (November 7) are two that have already past.

The next off day for the league is Christmas Eve (December 24), after December 3rd and December 10th. On April 8, the day of the NCAA men’s Division I basketball championship game, there will be an off day. April 13, the second-last day of the regular season, is also a day without any matches scheduled.

Furthermore, from February 16 to February 21, the league’s yearly All-Star break will not feature any games. Indianapolis, Indiana, will host the all-star game this season.

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