NBA: Golden State Warriors open to trade this player

In the middle of a poor season and a trade window, the Golden State Warriors are looking to trade out Andrew Wiggins. Here are all the details.

Placed 12th in the Western Conference, Golden State Warriors has had a poor season so far, to say the least. The 2022 champions have won 17 games while have been on the losing side 19 this season. With less than a month remaining till the NBA trade deadline (8th February), the seven-time champions have some tough calls to make. The Warriors have several issues this season and even the trade won’t help them but the other teams are anticipating a trade involving power forward, Andrew Wiggins.

Marc Stein talks about the potential trade

NBA insider Marc Stein talked about the potential deal including Wiggins on the “#thisleague UNCUT” podcast. Stein said, “When I talk to other teams more and more, I’m hearing that there’s an anticipation now that the Warriors will be open to trading Andrew Wiggins because Wiggins and [Jonathan] Kuminga when they’ve played together, the Warriors would be the first to tell you it hasn’t gone well.”

Wiggins’ season so far

Wiggins, who is having yet another poor season, was not in the starting lineup before the Warriors’ Sunday 133-118 loss to the Toronto Raptors at Chase Centre. Although he was back in the starting lineup, the former NBA All-Star only managed three points in the last 17 minutes of play on 1 of 6 field goals and 0 of 2 three-pointers.

After all doubts regarding his playing time were allayed by him and coach Steve Kerr, Kuminga also started the game on Sunday. Kerr stated following the defeat that Kuminga and Wiggins’ lineup “didn’t click.” Although Kuminga would gain from a bigger Warriors role in the event of a Wiggins trade, Stein predicts a challenging market for the struggling Golden State veteran.

Stein believes Wiggins’ contract is trade-friendly

Being in his first year of the contract, Stein believes that the one thing working in the Warriors’ favour is that the 28-year-old has a trade-friendly contract. Even though Stein believes Wiggins has a trade-friendly contract but still believes that there are some concerns for the 2022 champions. He said, “He’s in year one of a deal … That’s a very tradable contract in today’s NBA for a very good player. But Wiggins had a down season last season and this season, he’s lost his place in the starting lineup. So what kind of market do the Warriors even have for Wiggins at this point?”

With the Warriors going into the season in win-now mode and looking to add another NBA title to their championship core, there are a lot of unanswered questions. And while it’s obvious that action of some kind is needed to accomplish that goal, it’s unclear how Golden State will approach the trade deadline.

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