Shiba Maggon: Profile, Biography, Career and Achievements

Discover Shiba Maggon’s pioneering journey in Indian women’s basketball, from player to coach and referee. A trailblazer in sports history.

Indian women’s basketball players are referred to as the “Sleeping Giants” in the sport. The bulk of these Indian women’s basketball players showed the skills needed to advance and achieve. On March 1, 2021, they were rated higher than the men’s team, which was ranked 76th, in the FIBA world rankings, coming in at number 68. There is a need for improvement despite having participated in 19 Asian Championships. Indian female basketball players surely profit from the success as the sport continues to thrive in the country.

Indian basketball player Shiba Maggon represented her country while competing internationally. She currently serves as the senior women’s team coach for India and as an international referee. She was among the first women to be eligible to serve as a referee. She was born on 16th March 1980 in Karnal (India).

Shiba Maggon Occupation: 

Coach Junior women 2012 and 2010, Coach National Youth women Team 2011 FIBA Referee, Head Coach Junior women 2016, FIBA Asia Cup 2017, William Jones Cup 2017, FIBA Coach Senior Women Commonwealth Games 2018, Lead Coordinator NBA (Delhi).

Early Life: 

Since 1989, Shiba has been playing basketball. For Sports Authority of India (SAI), she was a player. She was chosen for the Indian Junior team in 1992. Shiba began her education in Karnal and thereafter joined SAI in Chandigarh, where she remained until 1996. Later, in 1996, she began working for Western Railways in Ajmer, where she remained until 2002. Shiba joined MTNL Delhi in 2002 and played there till January 2011. She has committed to serve as the Indian Collegiate Athletic Program’s basketball mentor. She serves as the technical director for Kooh Sports and the director of Poshac, a program for all of India.

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National Achievements:

Maggon has a resume of basketball accomplishments dating back to her youth. In her career, she has earned the following medals:

  • One Gold medal in the Youth category in 1991.
  • One Gold medal was won in 1993, one Silver medal was won in 1994, and one bronze medal was won in 1991.

Beginning in 1989 and ending in 2010, Shiba Maggon played in a total of 20 Senior Nationals. Her accomplishments in the Senior division are highlighted in the list below:

  • Playing for Indian Railways from 1997 to 2002 earned six gold medals at the senior national championship.
  • From 2003 to 2010, while competing for Delhi, one player won a gold medal while eight others won silver medals.
  • Medals in the form of six federation cups, three gold, and three bronze.
  • At the All India University level, two Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal were awarded.
  • Shiba won the Best Player accolade at the PNC All India Championship after making a hat trick and receiving the accolade on multiple occasions.
  • For the previous 20 years, she has been a reliable player and scorer, averaging 20 points each game during the most recent championship.
  • She also participated in three national contests. She earned a bronze medal in the National Games in Pune in 1994 and another one in Guwahati in 2007.

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International Career:

Maggon participated in five FIBA Asian Women’s Championships and was named among the top 5 Asian players in 2002. She was also a member of the Indian team that competed in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia. In 1998, she received a scholarship to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Physical Education was her area of study. Maggon successfully completed the Diploma Course in Olympism and Humanism at the historic city of Athens after applying for it with the International Olympic Academy. Maggon was chosen to speak on behalf of all 98 participating nations and give the session’s vote of appreciation. Along with the Maharashtrian Snehal Bendke, Maggon is recognized as the first Indian woman to hold an international FIBA referee certification. She has previously worked with the NBA in India and is also a voice-over analyst and an international coach.

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