The Rise of Sabrina 1s: A New MVP in the NBA Footwear Game

Discover how Sabrina Ionescu’s signature shoe, the Sabrina 1s, is dominating the NBA shoe game, blending style, comfort, and performance.

Sabrina Ionescu, WNBA All-Star and standout for the New York Liberty has made a significant impact on the NBA with the introduction of her signature shoe, the Sabrina 1s. This article explores the journey of the Sabrina 1s and their remarkable reception among NBA players.

A Milestone Moment

Jrue Holiday’s debut in the Sabrina 1s during a Boston Celtics game marked a pivotal moment for Ionescu, as her signature shoe made its NBA debut. Holiday’s embrace of the Sabrina 1s has since catalysed their widespread adoption across the league.

NBA Advocacy

Holiday’s advocacy for the Sabrina 1s, coupled with his impressive shooting performance, has spurred other NBA players to embrace Ionescu’s signature shoe. This inclusive support reflects a broader trend of NBA players championing women’s sports.

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Cross-Genre Appeal

The Sabrina 1s have transcended gender boundaries, appealing to NBA players for their aesthetic appeal, comfort, and performance capabilities. The shoes have become a staple in NBA locker rooms with 77 NBA players donning the Sabrina 1s this season.

The Legacy of Signature Shoes in the WNBA

Ionescu’s signature shoe represents a significant milestone in the history of the WNBA, where only a select few players have secured signature shoe deals. The widespread adoption of the Sabrina 1s in the NBA underscores women’s basketball’s growing visibility and influence.

Customisation and Personalisation

The option for customisation has evoked nostalgia among NBA players, reminiscent of designing shoes during their youth. Players like Tyrese Haliburton and Julian Strawther have embraced this feature, showcasing their unique designs on the court.

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Impact on the Women’s Game

The success of the Sabrina 1s reflects the profound respect NBA players hold for the women’s game, which is experiencing significant growth. The popularity of Ionescu’s signature shoe highlights the potential for collaboration and mutual support between men’s and women’s basketball.


Sabrina Ionescu’s journey from WNBA standout to NBA influencer exemplifies the growing synergy between men’s and women’s basketball. With the Sabrina 1s making waves across the NBA, Ionescu’s impact extends far beyond the court, signalling a new era of inclusivity and collaboration in basketball.

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